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Dominican Republic Vacations

Dominican Republic Vacation Packages offer you the absolute best way to experience one of the Caribbean’s most diverse and beautiful locales. The Dominican Republic provides white sand beaches of the most beautiful quality, as well as large hills and villages and jungles all around.
However, it is highly advisable that you always remain vigilant as you stroll the beauty of this country, for the Dominican Republic plays host to a high crime rate. If you carry protection on you of sorts, and keep a weather eye out for any shifty figures, you will be able to enjoy all of the fantastic sights and culturally-inclined attractions of the Dominican Republic.
The Dominican Republic Vacation Packages grant you access to one of the most historical locales in all of the Americas, for the first castle, the first cathedral, the first fortress, and the first monastery can all be found in the capital city of Santo Domingo, in its Colonial Zone.
Many of the buildings in all of the Dominican reflect the history within, almost all being from an era long past where Christopher Columbus walked the land, as did the Taino people, who are the official native people of the Dominican. Currently, the Taino people have become heavily mixed with African and predominantly Spanish culture.
Dominican Republic Vacations will introduce you to the Catedral Primada de America, which is a place no self-respecting tourist should ever miss; the very first stone laid to this ancient cathedral was laid by the son of Christopher Columbus; Diego Columbus, and both of their ashes were once interred in this location. This cathedral is the oldest in the western world.
Another great sight to visit is the Fortaleza Ozama, which is the single oldest military fortress in the New World, still standing and in great shape. Tourists would be very wise to explore this location that has flown the flags of 7 colonies/countries in its 500+ year lifespan.
The Vacation Packages in the Dominican Republic will show you that the food there has very little influence from those who don’t live there. The cuisine of the DR (as the locals call the Dominican) are majorly Spanish, but African food is also quite common. If you want to taste the DR’s most popular and culturally important dish, ask around for someone who makes “La Bandera” (a name which, when given a literal translation, means “The Flag).
La Bandera is comprised of meat and red beans over a bed of white rice. Sancocho is the dream of a meat-lover, for no less than seven different varieties of meat go into the making of this excellent, flavorful stew. Any of the cuisines can be washed down with a hearty glass of rum.
If you’ve ever heard of the musical style known as merengue, then it may please you to know that the Dominican Republic are rightly credited as the inventors of this style, and Vacations in the Dominican Republic can bring you closer to this. Jubilee is a hotspot for merengue music, and this club is a very respectable one, as the crowds drawn in are usually well-dressed and good-looking. Other options are the Blue Bar, Faces, and Bubaraba’s.
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